VP Product

Location: USA / Job Type: Full Time

Please email jobs@purgo.ai

About the Role

The VP Product role offers the successful candidate the opportunity to pioneer the application of generative AI to disrupt the $105 billion end-to-end digital assurance & software quality management market and pioneer QA-centric code generation. Purgo AI taps the unique strengths of generative AI to offer a compelling alternative to traditional test automation methods by capturing quality assurance right from the definition of software requirements. The successful leader will lead this generative AI driven disruption in a large addressable market and empower innovative customers & partners to embrace this new technology within their DevOps & software development processes. The initial focus on digital assurance for data applications provides the company the necessary growth impetus.



  • • Drive Purgo AI's product vision, direction, and business plans, including product plans/roadmaps, product evolution and product lifecycle
  • • Lead the design of the product's disruptive quality assurance approach for both code generation and traditional development
  • • Derive measures to quantify the product's accuracy, success, business ROI and device strategies to deliver customer delight. This includes developing business cases, identifying and assessing business opportunities and determining strategic fit conditioned by technical feasibility
  • • Identify, develop, and manage relationships with strategic partners like data platforms (e.g. Snowflake, Databricks, Google, Azure, AWS etc.) and testing service providers, including joint solutions and projects
  • • Gather, validate, and evaluate product and market requirements through market and customer research, competitive and product research
  • • Develop functional specifications for assigned product features to include effective product and user interface design, rapid prototyping, product validation testing, and usability testing, while ensuring that the product strategy is adhered to throughout the product life cycle
  • • Drive the pricing and cross functional requirements (sales, channels, services and marketing) in order to bring offer(s) to market
  • • Work very closely with engineering to drive disruptive innovation and development prioritization at the fast pace of an early-stage startup
  • • Represent Purgo AI in industry-wide forums

About you

  • • You have deep domain, product management and hands-on technical knowledge in one or more of cloud data platforms (e.g. Snowflake, Databricks, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure etc.), DevOps tools (e.g. Atlassian), cloud SaaS (e.g. Salesforce) and modern testing tools and frameworks
  • • You have deep familiarity with application interfaces of cloud data platforms and observability tools (e.g. Datadog, Splunk etc.)
  • • You have deep experience with the organization and processes in DevOps, rapid release cycles and agile methodologies
  • • You have an engineering background with familiarity of trends in cloud native, data science and agile tooling applications
  • • Exposure to LLM-driven code generation is very desirable
  • • Exposure to test methodologies like behavior-driven design and/or machine learning/AI is very desirable
  • • You are smart, get things done, have great energy and thrive in a fast paced early-stage startup environment
  • • You have passion for creating customer value by applying cutting edge innovations in data science & technology
  • • You have a track record of bringing disruptive technologies to market
  • • You can rally developer communities with excitement around new capabilities and business models driven by technology disruptions
  • • You have a deep understanding of machine learning and data processing technologies

About the Company

Purgo AI ensures the flawless delivery of cloud-native and data applications through generative AI-powered requirements engineering, functional testing, query testing, and data integrity assurance.

The product generates comprehensive behavior-driven development (BDD) requirements using its fine-tuned large language models (LLMs), based on sparse feature request tickets. It compiles detailed function definitions, performance requirements, metrics, and security/compliance requirements. Additionally, it identifies gaps in requirements and generates detailed questionnaires for product teams to fill these gaps. These generated requirements are also rendered in an LLM-friendly format to facilitate AI-driven code generation.

Purgo AI proactively generates functional tests for the application’s interfaces, queries in the API payload, and data received in response. This is done ahead of code development to drive definition and quality assurance across both AI-driven code generation and human-led development. The tests are applied to the developed software, and bug reports are generated for identified failures. Once the software is pushed to production, Purgo AI connects the log data from the application back to the requirements and automates the triage, analysis, and response to escalation tickets.

Purgo AI engages with early customers and design partners around generative AI-driven requirements and test automation for fault-sensitive cloud-native data applications. These include use cases such as business intelligence, forecasting, and machine learning over data lakes like Snowflake and Databricks. The product integrates seamlessly with Jira, GitHub/copilots, testing platforms like Selenium and Pytest, and data warehouse APIs. Customers use Purgo AI for capturing behavior-driven requirements, functional testing, data integrity, and data app observability.

The company’s co-founder and CTO, Sang Kim, has been an engineering leader at VMWare and Blackberry. Purgo AI is based in Palo Alto, CA, and was co-created by The Hive, a venture studio focused on data and AI in the enterprise.

Please email jobs@purgo.ai.

Purgo AI is an affirmative action employer and welcomes candidates who will contribute to the diversity of the company.